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The Privilege of Massage

I  am a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist.  It is a title I  am proud to have.  I have the privilege of making a difference in my clients lives on a daily basis.  I can all but guarantee that the person getting on my massage table will feel better after their massage treatment.   In today's  pharmaceutically controlled, pain relieving society, people are brainwashed into believing that drugs and painkillers are the only viable solution for the relief of muscular pain.  Today's doctors are bankrolled by the pharmaceutical companies pushing the next generation of the newest pain killers.  Vicodan, Hydrocodone, Demerol, Percocet, Fentanyl and OxyContin are among the most popular pain medications prescribed in today's market.   I am not saying that the need for pain medication is not warranted in some situations.  There is an epidemic of overuse and the addiction that does occur.

I had the benefit in my first ten years as a massage Therapist to work in a medical setting.  First in a physical therapy center and then in a pain management office.  My clients injuries ranged from arthritis, motor vehicle accidents, (specific to back and neck injuries), work related injuries, post surgery pain and pain brought on by stress and tension from activities of daily living.  Helping people work through their pain and difficulties was the best  "pay it forward" I could ask for.

The privilege to have the ability to alter a persons day by helping to ease their pain is cathartic.  I come from the school of thought where physical pain brings on mental pain and mental pain brings on physical pain.  The balancing act between mind and body is a very thin line to navigate. The fragility of a person in pain is a multi-level process to help them break through layers of emotional and physical pain. It's like a melting iceberg.

Building  relationships with clients begins the process of working through the layers of pain.

Too many times a client walks into my treatment room with adhesions that have built up over a period of time.  I can certainly help them work through the pain and discomfort over time.  It's a process.  Massage is not a one time fix solution.  We can begin a healing process of breaking down the many, many layers of built up tension and stress.  Remember, it took time for tight muscles to get that way.  It will take time to to turn active trigger points back to latent trigger points. This is a combined effort with both parties (therapist and client) contributing to the healing process.  The beauty of massage is that a partnership begins. My relationship between the therapist and client is an integral part of the healing process.  Their recovery from pain does not end when they get off the table.  An understanding has to take place in educating toward a healthy lifestyle.

Ergonomic changes at home and in the workplace will help to alleviate habitual processes that have led them to seek help for their discomfort.

The knowledge and understanding of the anatomy of pain on behalf of the therapist will put at ease the concerns of the client.  You are there to allay their anxiety.  You have to have enough confidence in knowing your craft.  It does not matter who gets on my table.  It does not matter what physical problems  are on my table.  I will help you.  I will help you feel better.

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