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Massage with Experience

Quite often I come upon a new client whose massage experiences have come from retail establishments. The kind that draw you in with great deals from computer apps.  I know these places. I worked for a year at one location when I first moved to Charlotte.  An hour massage is quickly cut to 50 minutes to allow for questions and turning over the room so you can begin your next massage on time.  If you come late, your lucky if you get 40 minutes.  And then, once you're done, you get barraged with membership deals, product sales and there goes your "great" massage buzz.  It's routine.  It's how retail massage works. Money gets taken out of your account monthly whether you go or not.  You sign contracts that are next to impossible to cancel. Your can't transfer your membership.  Oh so many rules.

After a year of that, I opened my own studio. I had more than 30 years of experience.  I had clients that I knew would follow me and so began my life as an entrepreneur.  It's a scary step to take but I knew experience would win out.  I developed a following and soon I was well on my way to a referral based practice.

It’s been 8 years since I opened my own studio. Truly the best decision I’ve

ever made.

You have a choice. Take an online deal, get caught in a contract, take a chance on getting a good therapist or you can schedule your next appointment with me.

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