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Customer and Client Retention

In any business, whether it’s healthcare, retail, finance, food etc…, the most important value is client retention.  I’ve learned over my many years as a massage therapist, that the quality of my massage treatments has paid me back tenfold.  I’m not necessarily talking about money in the bank. I’m talking about the aspect of keeping my clients coming back for more.  It’s about knowing your business. Knowing your clients. Re-education of your skills. Having confidence in your craft and consistency of quality care.

My massages are intuitive, deliberate, compassionate, therapeutic, relaxing, invigorating and most important memorable.

Consistency is the cornerstone to any good business. Customer service can make or break any good business.  Followup discussions will show your client that you were thinking about them. You were listening to their concerns.  Texting them the day after a new treatment to check on them. These are invaluable skills that are very important to maintain a successful relationship with you clients and customers.

There have been many times when I’ve walked into a business establishment, whether it’s food industry, retail, financial, health or automotive, and know based on my experience, that I will not return.  It seems that over the last few decades, the customer service part of any business has diminished.  Lack of accountability and  responsibility are no longer taught in businesses.  It’s a shame.

I may be old school. I believe in eye contact in a conversation. I believe in being empathetic to a persons needs.  I listen and hear when someone is speaking to me.

I prefer a phone conversation over a text.

Maybe if we all take a bit more time and appreciate the hard work people do, more people will start enjoying what they do.  We always point out the negative.  Let’s start complimenting more and complain less.

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