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The Learned LMT is my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer—perhaps my blog will spark excitement in your life, as well. So, sit back, relax and read on.

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Palpating and Massage

Palpating and Massage Websters dictionary defines Palpate: To examine by touch especially medically Websters dictionary defines Massage:...

Memories of a fantastic woman

Last Session I didn’t know it was going to be your last session.  I had a feeling it might be. We met three years ago when you walked...

Customer and Client Retention

In any business, whether it’s healthcare, retail, finance, food etc…, the most important value is client retention.  I’ve learned over my...

Massage with Experience

Quite often I come upon a new client whose massage experiences have come from retail establishments. The kind that draw you in with great...

The Privilege of Massage

I  am a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist.  It is a title I  am proud to have.  I have the privilege of making a difference in my...

The Decline of a Nations Posture

After spending 27 years honing my craft as a Massage Therapist, my ability to circumvent the demise of the posture of the human race is...

You Matter

My goal as your massage therapist is to set you on a course of health and wellness.  Our lives have become complicated. We live in a...

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Thoughts. Experiences. Inspiration.

I’m so glad you’ve arrived. The Learned LMT is where I share with you what interests me most, sparking your excitement so that you can nurture your own passions and projects. I hope you enjoy my site and all of the unique content I create. We all need something to motivate us. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what exhilarates you. Are you ready to be inspired?

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